Open Innovation



  • The development of the open-source software tool in the HarvestIT project is done with active participation of relevant stakeholders in an open innovation process. Throughout the project, multiple campaigns with different target groups will take place.

  • For further questions and regular updates, please contact the project manager.

Open innovation campaign
-- finished 2022-05-15

“Monitoring tools and key figures”

The target group of the campaign were operators of large-scale solar thermal plants around the globe. It focused on the question, what an ideal monitoring tool for large-scale solar plants should look like:
  • Which functions and features should such a tool have?
  • Which key figures and measurement methods should be displayed to evaluate the system performance?
  • Which practical approaches must be included because they have proven their worth?
  • Which support for your daily work do you expect from such a monitoring tool?
  • How should such a tool be integrated in the existing monitoring infrastructure?
  • How could such a monitoring tool help you with the special challenges of plant monitoring?

The inputs were very valuable to us for the development of the new monitoring tool. Several prizes were offered among the participants, among them a consultation for solar thermal system optimization by solar experts and a customized training for the new monitoring tool.

This campaign was open untill 2022-05-15.

Open innovation campaign
-- finished 2022-03-20

“Challenges in operation of large-scale solar thermal plants”

The first campaign started in Feb 2022 and was in German. The target group were operators of large-scale solar thermal plants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH region). It focused on the main problems and challenges in the daily operation and how operators meet them.

This campaign was open untill 2022-03-20.